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Christ Church of Atlanta, Inc. is a biblically-based, evangelical church worshiping in the Anglican tradition. We confess the faith of Jesus Christ crucified, buried, risen, ascended and coming again as expressed in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds PDF, the historic ecumenical councils of the ancient, undivided Church and the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion PDF.

Christ Church was incorporated in January 1998 by several biblically orthodox Christian families in the metropolitan Atlanta area who wished to worship in the Anglican tradition but believed that there was no longer a place for them in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. The Rev. Alfred A. Sawyer was called as Rector. Dr. Kenneth Boa was appointed Teaching Elder. Weekly public meetings began on January 25, 1998. In 1999, 51 households became founding members. In September 2000, Christ Church moved to its current location at the Atlanta International School.

From 2004-2010, Christ Church came under the episcopal oversight of The Rt. Rev. Frank Lyons, Bishop of Bolivia, Province of the Southern Cone. In 2010, Christ Church became a founding member of the Anglican Diocese of the South in the Anglican Church of North America.

In May 2002, Christ Church started a Building Fund and a Building Committee with members of the congregation and Vestry. Christ Church actively searches for property in the Buckhead area. Gifts have continued to be received toward a building.

Christ Church has no affiliation with the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA/TEC). It has never been an ECUSA/TEC church or mission, nor has it ever used ECUSA/TEC facilities or accepted ECUSA/TEC funds.

What is an Anglican?

The word "Anglican" means "of England." The term Anglican is used to describe a broad array of religious traditions which all trace their roots back to the distinctively English Church created by King Henry VIII in 1529 when he declared himself head of the English church, cut the Anglican bishops off from communion with Rome, and called the Reformation Parliament. Today the communion of Anglicans is a worldwide fellowship of churches in many different countries which stem from the original Church of England. All of these churches, organized and administered on a national level, are formally independent from one another.

Until the 1990s, the only formal iteration of the Anglican Communion in the United States was the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA). As biblically orthodox conservatives within ECUSA felt increasingly alienated by its liberal policies, they increasingly sought and received help and support from conservative Anglican bishops in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In June 2009, the first Provincial Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America was held at St. Vincent's Cathedral in Bedford, Texas. The Constitution and Canons of the new Province have been ratified.

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But the truth of Lutherís affirmation is eternal. It is eternal because Godís Word is eternal. The grass withers, the flower fades. But the word of our God stands forever. (Isaiah 40:8)
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