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DateSpeaker Sermon TopicVideoAudio
02.18.18 T Alfred Sawyer "Reckon Yourselves Dead to Sin" Watch MP3
02.14.18 T Alfred Sawyer "Ash Wednesday" Watch MP3
02.11.18 T Alfred Sawyer "He is Willingl" Watch MP3
02.04.18 T Alfred Sawyer "Keep Your Eyes on the Goal" Watch MP3
01.28.18 T Alfred Sawyer "He Speaks with Authority" Watch MP3
01.21.18 T Phil Ashey "A Spiritual EKG" Watch MP3
01.14.18 T Alfred Sawyer "How We Hear From God" Watch MP3
01.07.18 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
12.31.17 T Alfred Sawyer "There is Always Hope" Watch MP3
12.24.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Christmas" Watch MP3
12.17.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Lessons and Carols" Watch MP3
12.10.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Not One Stone Will be Left Upon Another" Watch MP3
12.03.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Jesus Speaks to the Heart" Watch MP3
11.26.17 T Alfred Sawyer "The Sabbath Rest of God" Watch MP3
11.19.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Get Ready" Watch MP3
11.12.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Oil in Our Lamps" Watch MP3
11.05.17 T Daniel Atkinson "Practice What He Preaches" Watch MP3
10.29.17 T Alfred Sawyer "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" Watch MP3
10.22.17 T Alfred Sawyer "God Rules in the Kingdom of Men" Watch MP3
10.15.17 T Phil Ashey "How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing" Watch MP3
10.08.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Forgetting What Lies Behind" Watch MP3
10.01.17 T Alfred Sawyer "We Shall Not All Die" Watch MP3
09.24.17 T Alfred Sawyer "The Limitless Grace of God" Watch MP3
09.17.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Bless the Lord Oh My Soul" Watch MP3
09.10.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Finding and Losing" Watch MP3
09.03.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Do Not Be Conformed to This World" Watch MP3
08.27.17 T Phil Ashey “The Power of a Great Confession” Watch MP3
08.20.17 T Alfred Sawyer "All Israel Will be Saved" Watch MP3
08.13.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Take Courage" Watch MP3
08.06.17 T Alfred Sawyer "God Plus One is a Majority"" Watch MP3
07.30.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Hell is Real" Watch MP3
07.23.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Hope That is Seen is Not Hope" Watch MP3
07.16.17 T Alfred Sawyer "God's Ways are Higher Than Our Ways" Watch MP3
07.09.17 T Phil Ashey "Jesus Christ, Our Revelation and Our Rescue" Watch MP3
07.02.17 T Alfred Sawyer "A Call to Repentance" Watch MP3
06.25.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Jeremiah, The Reluctant Prophet" Watch MP3
06.18.17 T Ferrell Nolan Healing Testimony Watch MP3
06.18.17 T Phil Ashey "Discovering God's Mission - Jesus, His Way" Watch MP3
06.11.17 T Alfred Sawyer "What Happened at Eden" Watch MP3
06.04.17 T Jess Cantelon Be a Christian, Expectant, Empowered & on a Mission Watch MP3
05.28.17 T Alfred Sawyer All Who Call On the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved Watch MP3
05.21.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Abide in Me" Watch MP3
05.14.17 T Jess Cantelon "Go and Make Disciples" Watch MP3
05.07.17 T Alfred Sawyer "The Good Shepherd" Watch MP3
04.30.17 T Alfred Sawyer "The Power of the Word" Watch MP3
04.23.17 T Jess Cantelon "Don't Just Face It, Embrace It" Watch MP3
04.16.17 T Alfred Sawyer Evidence for the Resurrection Watch MP3
04.14.17 S Alfred & Choir Good Friday Watch MP3
04.13.17 S Jess Cantelon Maundy Thursday "RED: Rest, Elevate, Direct Praise"" Watch MP3
04.09.17 T Jess Cantelon "Expect More" Watch MP3
04.02.17 T Alfred Sawyer "The Hope of Israel" Watch MP3
03.26.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Don't Sit on the Fence" Watch MP3
03.19.17 T Foley Beach "Are We There Yet?" Watch MP3
03.12.17 T David Anderson The Real Meaning of "You" Watch MP3
03.05.17 T Jess Cantelon "Happy Lent" Watch MP3
03.01.17 T Alfred Sawyer Ash Wednesday (Audio only) MP3
02.26.17 T Alfred Sawyer "The Call of God" Watch MP3
02.19.17 T Alfred Sawyer "From Pearl Harbor to the Cross" Watch MP3
02.12.17 T Jess Cantelon "Give Up and Open the Door" Watch MP3
02.05.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Tho He Slay Me Yet Will I Praise Him" Watch MP3
01.29.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Jesus: Our Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption" Watch MP3
01.22.17 T Phil Ashey "How Jesus Makes Disciples" Watch MP3
01.15.17 T Jess Cantelon "We Have a Redeemer" Watch MP3
01.08.17 T Alfred Sawyer "Witnessing to the World" Watch MP3
01.01.17 T Jess Cantelon "Overwhelmed and Undone" Watch MP3
12.25.16 T Alfred Sawyer Christmas Watch MP3
12.18.16 T Alfred & Choir Lessons & Carols (MP3), Children (Video) Watch MP3
12.18.16 T Jess Cantelon "Anticipating Christmas" Watch MP3
12.11.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Rain" Watch MP3
12.04.16 T Alfred Sawyer "May the God of Hope Fill You with Peace and Joy in Believing" Watch MP3
11.27.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Advent & The Second Coming" Watch MP3
11.20.16 T Phil Ashey "Living Life to the Fullest in Christ" Watch MP3
11.13.16 T Alfred Sawyer "The World is Temporary, Eternity is Permanent" Watch MP3
11.06.16 T Alfred Sawyer "The Certainty of the Resurrection" Watch MP3
10.30.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost" Watch MP3
10.23.16 T Alfred Sawyer "The Crown of Righteousness" Watch MP3
10.16.16 T Phil Ashey "Always Pray; Never Give Up" Watch MP3
10.09.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart" Watch MP3
10.02.16 T Alfred Sawyer "God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear" Watch MP3
09.25.16 T Alfred Sawyer "How to Pray" Watch MP3
09.18.16 T Alfred Sawyer "God's Desire Is That None Should Perish" Watch MP3
09.11.16 T Alfred Sawyer Remembering 9-11 Watch MP3
09.04.16 T Alfred Sawyer Entering God's Promised Land Watch MP3
08.28.16 T Rusty Demoss "Call 911" Watch MP3
08.21.16 T Jess Cantelon "Immanuel" Watch MP3
08.14.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Minutemen, Be on the Alert" Watch MP3
08.07.16 T Alfred Sawyer with Ken Boa "Faith and the Scientific Evidence of God" Watch MP3
07.31.16 T Jess Cantelon "Trust is the Issue" Watch MP3
07.24.16 T Alfred Sawyer The Sin of Sodom Watch MP3
07.17.16 T Alfred Sawyer The Child of the Promise Watch MP3
07.10.16 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
07.03.16 T Jess Cantelon "Across the Sea and Through the River" Watch MP3
06.26.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Still Small Voice" Watch MP3
06.19.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Who Do They Say That I Am?" Watch MP3
06.12.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Shine His Light into Our Hearts" Watch MP3
06.05.16 T Phil Ashey "An Awe-ful Collision" Watch MP3
05.29.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Authority is the Name of the Game" Watch MP3
05.22.16 T Alfred Sawyer Trinity Sunday Watch MP3
05.15.16 T Alfred Sawyer Pentacost Watch MP3
05.08.16 T Phil Ashey "When Standing Up Means Standing Out" Watch MP3
05.06.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 10 Watch
05.01.16 T Alfred Sawyer "He Makes All Things New" Watch MP3
04.24.16 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon, no Title Watch MP3
04.21.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 9 Watch
04.17.16 T Alfred Sawyer God Keeps His Promises Watch MP3
04.15.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 8 Watch
04.10.16 T Alfred Sawyer The Good Shepherd Watch MP3
04.07.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 7 Watch
04.03.16 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon, no title Watch MP3
03.31.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 6 Watch
03.27.16 T Alfred Sawyer Easter Message Watch MP3
03.26.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 5 Watch
03.25.16 T Alfred Sawyer Good Friday Service Watch MP3
03.24.16 T Alfred Sawyer No Video Recording, Audio Only MP3
03.20.16 T Alfred Sawyer His Glory Filled the House Watch MP3
03.17.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 4 Watch
03.13.16 T Sermon No Recording  
03.13.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 3 Watch
03.06.16 T Frank Lyons Trusting God’s Abundance— John 6:1-14 Watch MP3
03.03.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 2 Watch
02.28.16 T Alfred Sawyer The Error of Balaam Watch MP3
02.25.16 T Jess Cantelon ISRAEL VIDEO PROJECT, Episode 1 Watch
02.21.16 T Alfred Sawyer "I'm Not Worthy So Much As to Gather Up the Crumbs Under Thy Table" Watch MP3
02.14.16 T Daniel Adkinson "Supernatural Showdown" Watch MP3
02.10.16 T Alfred Sawyer Ash Wednesday Watch MP3
02.07.16 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
01.31.16 T Alfred Sawyer "A Tale of Two Sauls" Watch MP3
01.24.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Open Our Eyes" Watch MP3
01.17.16 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
01.10.16 T Alfred Sawyer "Having Done All, Stand" Watch MP3
01.03.16 T Alfred Sawyer "You Don't Get a Vote in This Election" Watch MP3
12.27.15 T David Anderson "When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best" Watch MP3
12.24.15 T Alfred Sawyer Christmas Eve Watch MP3
12.20.15 T Alfred Sawyer Lessons & Carols Watch MP3
12.13.15 T Alfred Sawyer At the Name of Jesus Watch MP3
12.06.15 T Alfred Sawyer Lift Up Your Heads for Your Redemption Draweth Nigh Watch MP3
11.29.15 T Alfred Sawyer "Why Are They Afraid of Us?" Watch MP3
11.22.15 T Jess Cantelon "He Is Faithful" Watch MP3
11.15.15 T Alfred Sawyer "Coming Home" Watch MP3
11.08.15 T Alfred Sawyer "Straight Talk From the Apostle" Watch MP3
11.01.15 T Alfred Sawyer Assurance of Salvation Watch MP3
10.25.15 T Jess Cantelon Psalm 90 - Jesus Has a Plan Watch MP3
10.18.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Invitation We Can't Refuse Watch MP3
10.11.15 T Alfred Sawyer "I Once Was Blind, But Now I See" Watch MP3
10.04.15 T Alfred Sawyer Hear, Oh Israel Watch MP3
09.27.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Most Humble Man on Earth Watch MP3
09.20.15 T Alfred Sawyer Jesus is Coming Soon Watch MP3
09.13.15 T David Anderson How Then Should We Live? Watch MP3
09.06.15 T Phil Ashey Therefore We Do Not Lose Heart Watch MP3
08.30.15 T Jess Cantelon Only Jesus Watch MP3
08.23.15 T Alfred Sawyer Glory That Does Not Fade Watch MP3
08.16.15 T Alfred Sawyer Just As I Am Without One Plea Watch MP3
08.09.15 T Alfred Sawyer Judgement Begins With the Household of God Watch MP3
08.02.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Prodigal Son Watch MP3
07.26.15 T Alfred Sawyer False Prophets Watch MP3
07.19.15 T Phil Ashey In the Fellowship of Elijah Watch MP3
07.12.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sin is Crouching at the Door Watch MP3
07.05.15 T Alfred Sawyer Righteousness Exalts Nations Watch MP3
06.28.15 T Alfred Sawyer Having Done All, Stand Watch MP3
06.21.15 T Alfred Sawyer Are We Paying Attention? Watch MP3
06.14.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Call of Abraham Watch MP3
06.07.15 T Alfred Sawyer Going to the Dogs? Watch MP3
05.31.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
05.24.15 T David Anderson Pentecost, Revisited Watch MP3
05.17.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
05.10.15 T Alfred Sawyer Rogation Sunday Watch MP3
05.03.15 T Alfred Sawyer Faith Without Works is Dead Watch MP3
04.26.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
04.19.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sheep Sunday Watch MP3
04.12.15 T Jess Cantelon Peace Be Upon You Watch MP3
04.05.15 T Alfred Sawyer Did the Resurrection Really Happen? Watch MP3
04.03.15 T Alfred Sawyer Good Friday Service Watch MP3
04.02.15 T Alfred Sawyer Maundy Thursday Watch MP3
03.29.15 T Foley Beach Killing Jesus Watch MP3
03.22.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
03.15.15 T Phil Ashey Incredible Resources For Impossible Needs Watch MP3
03.08.15 T Homer Lanier Sermon, Not Recorded
03.01.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Arm of the Flesh Will Fail You Watch MP3
02.22.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Blood of the Martyrs Watch MP3
02.18.15 T Alfred Sawyer Ash Wednesday Watch MP3
02.15.15 T Phil Ashey Living for the Return of the King Watch MP3
02.08.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Word of Our Testimony Watch MP3
02.01.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Reality of the Demonic Watch MP3
01.25.15 T Alfred Sawyer Open Our Eyes Watch MP3
01.18.15 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
01.11.15 T Alfred Sawyer The Epiphany Watch MP3
01.04.15 T Kevin Allen The Word Became Flesh Watch MP3
12.28.14 T Alfred Sawyer With God There Are No Concidences Watch MP3
12.24.14 T David Charney The Infant is God Watch MP3
12.24.14 T Jan Robinson 17th Annual Children's Pagent Watch MP3
12.21.14 T Lessons & Carols Watch MP3
12.21.14 T David Anderson Advent Watch MP3
12.14.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Highway to Holiness Watch MP3
12.07.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Word of God Endures Forever Watch MP3
11.30.14 T David Charney Come and Join the Race Watch MP3
11.23.14 T Alfred Sawyer Believe in the One who He Has Sent Watch MP3
11.16.14 T Alfred Sawyer Forgive Because We Are Forgiven Watch MP3
11.09.14 T Alfred Sawyer Israel, the Name Given by God Watch MP3
11.02.14 T Alfred Sawyer Back to the Reformation, Part 2 (See SS for Part 1) Watch MP3
10.26.14 T Alfred Sawyer God's Impending Judgement Watch MP3
10.19.14 T Alfred Sawyer What's in a Name? Watch MP3
10.12.14 T Daryl Fenton Humility Watch MP3
10.05.14 T Alfred Sawyer Jesus Loves Me, This I know Watch MP3
09.28.14 T Alfred Sawyer Choose This Day Who You Will Serve Watch MP3
09.21.14 T Alfred Sawyer Following God When It Seems Silly Watch MP3
09.14.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Good Samaritan Watch MP3
09.07.14 T David Charney God Deserves the Glory Watch MP3
08.31.14 T Phil Ashey Asleep in the Light Watch MP3
08.24.14 T Alfred Sawyer What Constitutes the People of God? Watch MP3
08.17.14 T Alfred Sawyer Sermon Watch MP3
08.10.14 T Alfred Sawyer Get Right with God Watch MP3
08.03.14 T Alfred Sawyer God's Abundance Watch MP3
07.28.14 T David Charney Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ Watch MP3
07.20.14 T Alfred Sawyer Why Do You Waver Between Two Opinions? Watch MP3
07.13.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Creation is Standing on Tiptoes Watch MP3
07.06.14 T Aaron Jeffrey Lost and Joyfully Found Watch MP3
06.29.14 T David Charney The Lord is Calling Watch MP3
06.22.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Love of God Watch MP3
06.15.14 T Alfred Sawyer Trinity Sunday Watch MP3
06.08.14 T Alfred Sawyer Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul Watch MP3
06.01.14 T Alfred Sawyer Mantle of Elijah Watch MP3
05.25.14 T David Charney He Has Overcome! Watch MP3
05.18.14 T Alfred Sawyer Times of Refreshing Watch MP3
05.11.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Light of the World Watch MP3
05.04.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Good Shepherd Watch MP3
04.27.14 T David Charney Truly Living Life Watch MP3
04.20.14 T Alfred Sawyer Easter Watch MP3
04.20.14 T Jan Robinson Children's Easter Offering Watch MP3
04.18.14 T Alfred Sawyer Good Friday Watch MP3
04.17.14 T David Charney The New Command Watch MP3
04.13.14 T Foley Beach Sermon Watch MP3
04.06.14 T Alfred Sawyer Palm Sunday Preview Watch MP3
03.30.14 T Alfred Sawyer Are You Hungry? Watch MP3
03.23.14 T Alfred Sawyer An Undivided Heart Watch MP3
03.16.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Crumbs Under His Table Watch MP3
03.09.14 T David Charney Repentance for the Glory of God Watch MP3
03.05.14 T Alfred Sawyer Ash Wednesday Watch MP3
03.02.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Love of God Watch MP3
02.23.14 T Bill Wood From Genesis to Revelation Watch MP3
02.16.14 T Alfred Sawyer Son of God Appears to Destroy the Works of the Devil Watch MP3
02.09.14 T Alfred Sawyer The Shalom of Jesus Watch MP3
02.02.14 T Alfred Sawyer Saul & Augustine Watch MP3
01.26.14 T Alfred Sawyer God's Healing Power Watch MP3
01.19.14 T Alfred Sawyer Casting All Our Cares on Him Watch MP3
01.12.14 T Alfred Sawyer What is the Body of Christ? Watch MP3
01.05.14 T Alfred Sawyer Who Will Bring World Peace? Watch MP3
11.10.13 T Alfred Sawyer God's Ways Are Not Ours Watch MP3
11.03.13 T Alfred Sawyer God's Plan for the Nations Watch MP3

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